Exchange Wk29 – Scranton

With no weekly math quiz on Friday and with spring term break, I took advantage of the time off to visit Scranton (PA) from the 3rd to the 5th of March! For those that haven’t watched the Office, it follows a branch of a paper company based in Scranton. Although my friends had advised me that there was not much to do in Scranton, as an avid Office fan I decided to go anyway. I had a great time, and Scranton was one of the coolest places I’ve visited in the US!

❄️ Snow ❄️

Whilst snow is nothing out of the usual in Pennsylvania, it unfortunately didn’t snow in Philly this winter (other than a few small smatterings). As an Australian that barely sees snow, I was thrilled to wake up to the remnants of the night’s snowfall in my first full day in Scranton. It was beautiful, but unfortunately my socks didn’t survive a long day of walking through the icy streets.

🏢 Office Site Seeing 🍕

Whilst the Office TV show was not actually filmed in Scranton (it was filmed in Los Angeles), many Scranton references made it into the show. Of course I had to visit these references in person! Here are some of the ones I visited:

Scranton Welcomes You Sign

(Opening credits)

Penn Paper Tower

(Opening credits)

Coopers Seafood

(S3E7, S3E8, S3E23, S4E5/6, S5E3, S6E14)

Steamtown Mall

(S2E18, S3E22, S5E26)

Alfredo’s Pizza Cafe

Not to be confused with Pizza by Alfredo…

(S4E1/2, S4E5/6, S6E15)

🐟 Other Scranton Sightseeing 🚋

Some other things I got up to:

Electric City Aquarium and Reptile Den

The photo on the left is of a glass frog.

Trolley Museum

Steamtown National Historic Site

(Train Museum)

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