Research Experience

Natural Language Processing for Education Research Student (2023-2024)

  • Under the supervision of Dr Jonathan Kummerfeld, I have been conducting research into natural language processing (NLP) techniques to streamline the analysis of student muddy card responses for educators. This started as a summer research scholarship program, and is now the current focus of my undergraduate honours thesis.

Understanding the High Fail Rates in First Year Units (2024)

  • Acting as a research assistant (student partner) conducting interviews with students in an effort to understand the high fail rates in first year units in the University of Sydney’s Faculty of Science. This roll also sees me actively participate in meetings with first year unit of study coordinators and fellow research assistances. This roll involved receiving mental health training.

Chemistry Education (2021-22)

  • Under the guidance of Dr Stephen George-Williams and Dr Reyne Pullen in the University of Sydney’s School of Chemistry, I conducted semi-structured interviews and analysed quiz completion data as part of a research project exploring the impact of pre-lecture quizzes on student (Report link).
  • Supervised by the same aforementioned supervisors, employed to create a software package with documentation that allows the quick generation of 3D molecule in the Unity development environment as a paid research project. Presented the software features at an NSW teachers’ conference.
  • I am an ongoing member (2023-) of the Chemistry Education Research theme recurring meetings, providing me an avenue to learn and collaborate with interdisciplinary faculty.

Teaching Experience

MATH1005 Lecturer (2024) and Tutor (2023)

  • Lecturer and tutor for the Intensive January offering of MATH1005 (Statistical Thinking with Data) at the University of Sydney. My roll saw me composing assignments and the final exam, as well as grading assessment tasks. Unit outline.

DATA1001/DATA1901 Tutor (2023-current) and Demonstrator (2022)

  • Tutor (equivalent to teaching assistant in the USA) for Foundations of Data Science, the first course that student take as part of the data science major at the University of Sydney.
  • This position sees me leading classroom with around 50 students.
  • I am also involved in supporting DATA1901, the advanced offering of the unit.
  • I have developed a tutorial website to support students in accessing materials after the lesson.

CIT5950 Teaching Assistant (2023)

  • Teaching assistant for Computer Systems Programming at the University of Pennsylvania, a core course for the Master of Computer and Information Technology.
  • The course introduces students to fundamental concepts in comuting systems using advanced techniques with the C programming language. Course description.

Moneyball Academy Teaching Assistant (2023)

  • Teaching assistant for the Wharton Sports Analytics Business Initiative flagship program, the Moneyball Academy, for the April online offering.
  • This program introduces highschool students to statistics and the R programming language.

Tutoring and Mentoring at The King’s School (2024-current)

  • Tutored students with a wide range of academic skill levels from Years 7 to 12 in the library. (2020-2022)
  • As a Gowan Brae boarding patron, I co-supervised 30-40 Year 7 boarding students. Key responsibilities included homework support, supervision, and pastoral care. (2020-2021)
  • As a senior boarding patron, I supervise different boarding houses with students aged from 13-18 in the afternoons, as well as offering homework support at night. (2023-current)
  • Other miscellaneous roles such as the Gowan Brae Guardian program (2020-2021), Software Development tutoring (2022), data science resource creation (2022).

Private Academic Tutor (2020-current)

  • I have tutored more than 10 students privately in subjects ranging from mathematics, to english, to study skills such as organisation and time management.

Invited Talks

Conferences and Symposiums


  • Science Fail rates, Large Community of Practice Event, Muddy Card Clustering:
    An AI Approach to Understanding USS Responses

Industry Experience

SiteSee Intern (2023)

  • Short term internship (6 weeks) at SiteSee, a company utilising AI to create digital twins of cellular towers.
  • I worked on a short project utilising object detection AI algorithms.

Morton Real Estate

  • Utilised skills in data science to perform data cleaning to aid with the accurate transfer of client records to a new database software. Additionally provided advice regarding data science integrations from external providers. (2022)
  • Clerical work (2019-2020) and Saturday reception (2020-2021).


CLEVR Molecule Generator

  • The CLEVR Molecule Generator package implements an easy to use scripting language allowing for the quick creation of ball-and-stick representations of molecules in Unity. Documentation. GitHub.

Honours Research

  • Paper preprint coming soon…

Students as Partners Feedback Tool

  • Coming soon…