Exchange Wk21 to 26 – Back to School

Back now at Penn, here are some of the interesting things I got up to from the 10th of January to the 12th of February.

🏀 Philadelphia 76ers Vs Oklahoma City Thunder 🏀

On the 12th of January, some friends and I went to see the 76ers play the Thunder at Wells Fargo Center. Unfortunately the 76ers lost the game (133-114), but it was still fun experiencing an NBA game.

🌊 Flooding In Harrison 💧

I had a pretty rough week, and so I left my statistics assignment until the due date on the 14th of January. I was already low on time, but of course, an unforeseen obstacle popped out of no where. I heard this dripping noise from my bathroom, and was surprised to see that water was dripping from my ceiling! Not long after, the fire alarm sounded, and a Penn police officer came to all of our rooms, asking us to exit for safety reasons. Here are some photos from the damage:

What happened was that someone on the 5th floor left their window open, and so a pipe burst from the freezing temperature outside. This water trickled down through the floors. There was considerable damage to the walls, and so I was moved to the Sheraton hotel for a week! This was a massive upgrade from my usual room, with a King size bed, cable TV, massive bathroom, and daily room service.

Also, I was able to get my statistics assignment in on time!

🏈 Super Bowl 🏟

On February 12, my Christian Union friends and I watched the 57th Super Bowl which saw the Philadelphia Eagles take on the Kansas City Chiefs. One of my favourite things about Philly is the sports scene, especially as all of Philadelphia gets around their home teams. With the Eagles making it to the Super Bowl, everyone was electric, and so many people were wearing Eagles merch. Sadly though, the Eagles narrowly lost the game. It was so strange when the game ended, because the atmosphere immediately turned sombre, and you could have heard a pin drop. Regardless, it was really fun watching my first Super Bowl with my friends, and I loved sharing in a massive pot luck meal with them!

📷 Photos With Friends 📷

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