Exchange Wk15 to 17 – End of Year Celebrations

It’s been a minute since I last posted…

Life has been very busy – from final exams, to my family coming to visit, also starting a new semester with a new job with Penn Engineering Online, combined with some personal circumstances – I’m only now getting to sharing what I’ve been up to.

Because I’m so behind, I’m going to catch up by giving incredibly brief overviews of what I got up to from the time until late February. This post will cover 28th November to the 20th of December.

🍽 Exchange at Penn Farewell Dinner 🍴

On the 9th of December, Exchange at Penn organised a dinner for the exchange students that were sadly departing at the end of the semester. Many students decide to only stay on exchange for one semester, and so the dinner was a time to share a farewell dinner together, before people head off to their different corners of the globe.

🤕 Penn Museum 🤕

One of the cool things about UPenn is that they have their own museum, and the free entrance for Penn students is definitely enticing. It was really fun visiting it with friends, and seeing mummies (that’s what the emoji is supposed to be…) from Ancient Egypt for the first time in person!

✝️ Christian Union Christmas Dinner🎄

It was really special having a Christmas Dinner to wrap off the year with my friends from the Christian Union. It was such a special time with people that I love!

🍲 Final Dinner with Exchange Friends 🍛

I enjoyed a final dinner with some exchange friends, most of whom were leaving in a few days.

The dinning hall we ate at was called Lauder, and it’s my favourite dinning hall to share a meal with someone. Unlike most of the other dinning halls, when you enter the Lauder dining hall you are entitled to one serving of the entrèe, which is yum! Sometimes it is a meal with prawns, or a tasty spaghetti Bolognese, or strips of steak.

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